Since Nov,2009

registered in Pune, maharastra

Welcome Shehjaar Homes

Shehjaar  means cool shade of a big tree. Shehjaar Homes for Senior Citizens is a Not-for-Profit organization registered in Pune on 20th Jan, 2005, established under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013, with all-India jurisdiction. The main objectives of the organization are the activities central to promoting health, well being, welfare and dignity of senior citizens (60+ years).

Core Values

Quality Aging
Dignity for Elderly
Active involvement
We at ‘Shehjaar Homes’ are promoting Day Centres For Elderly anywhere in the Country to provide an immediate support system to Elderly Community at large and to help break off the loneliness. Day Centres will act as the nodular points in extending Care to Elderly.

Your Donation will help senior citizen of our Society

Vision -- Shehjaar Homes

We are for elderly care...

  • Setting up Day Centers equipped with facilities to keep our elderly happily engaged throughout the day time.
  • Implementing innovative ways of providing physical and emotional support to our elderly.
  • Working to strengthen the inter- generational relationships and the family bond.
  • Organizing training to the" Care Givers "attending elderly with age related morbidities.
  • Making Shehjaar Homes as nodular centres in the respective areas for extending any emergency help to elderly in need.