Pune day center

One of the first self help initiative for improvement of quality of life with dignity of the elderly was to establish a Day Centre in Pune and this is in operation since October 2009. The Day Centre is now being operated in a hired premises .

This Centre has proved to be the most economic, effective and practical way for active, happy,healthy and graceful ageing.The Centre helped the members to have a social network which is termed as Parivar. Members are connected by Whatsapp group. The centre provides recreational activities like musical programs, yoga, carom board and card games. The Centre provides a place and time for gossip among similarly aged which in most of the times is reminiscing the older times. The social interaction of seniors helped some to get rid of negative self image. The Centre has thus helped in mitigating the loneliness during day times by keeping members happily engaged.

Shehjaar Homes is a non-profit organization working since Nov 2009