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Shehjaar in kashmiri means respite, peace and a solace. Shehjaar Homes for Senior Citizens has been envisaged to rebuild the faith in human attitude to an extent where ageing happens to be merriment. ”Shehjaar Homes” is an initiative towards quality ageing, which will extend services to both urban and rural elderly through innovative ways.

We at ‘Shehjaar Homes’ will promote Day Centres For Elderly anywhere in the Country to provide an immediate support system to Elderly Community at large and to help break off the solitariness. Day Centres will act as the nodular points in extending Care to Elderly.

Building Old Age Homes for the needy will be considered after proper evaluation these centers will then be replicated through out the country & will work more for retaining the traditional Indian family bond in the Society.

Shehjaar Homes  inaugurated the second Day Centre in Community Centre, Kedar Gouri Apartment, Lewis Road,Bhubaneswar 751002 Odisha on 30th January, 2019.   The Centre is locally being managed by the executives 1 Mr Radha Mohan Patnaik.


Mr Dillip Kumar Mohanty & 3 Mr Barada Sankar Mishra with 4. Advisor Mr. Manoranjan Nanda. The Centre was inaugurated in presence of Dr Anil Prasad Das  & Mr  MK Raina , Directors of NGO.Mr Raina explained hy Shehjaar Homes? and its relevance in Graceful Ageing through Active, Happy & Healthy Ageing. Dr Das thanked the executives and members for the interest shown for starting a Shehjaar Homes  Day Centre and assured all help and guidance to turn this Day Centre into a nationally important bench mark for others.Mr Krupasindhu Sahoo, VP, AISCCON,was invited as Guest of Honour. Mr Sahoo apprised the audience of about 60 members about the steps being taken by the State Govt. in the area of Elder Care.


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